YAPAK's primary purpose is to instill to the youth from all over the world these values: For the Love of God (Maka-Diyos), People (Maka-tao), Nature (Makakalikasan), and Country (Makabansa), to honor their respective families and contribute to society.





The Length of the UK Virtual Challenge will take you on a 1,083-mile (1,743 km) road trip from Lands' End to John O’Groats.


We aim to plant 10,000 trees across the Philippines to help in the reduction of carbon emissions globally while providing livelihood and healthier environment for people and wildlife locally.

In exchange, our team will complete a 1,743km walk, virtually.


With your support, we can restore the world to its former glory, one YAPAK (step) at a time. We have partnered up with local agencies to help us with this project. The trees that will be planted - such as Katmon, Molave, Narra, Papaya, Mango and Banana - will greatly help not just in reducing carbon emissions but also provide food and materials for shelter in the long run. Please help us restore the Philippines into the green paradise it was once, home to many endemic flora and fauna, while fulfilling the needs of its stakeholders, sustainably.



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  •  The participants who will walk will provide an update on their journey. 

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“We will be able to fulfil our mission for the youth."

  • Creating literature, arts and culture projects and organising related activities. 

  • Encouraging youth to produce original literary works. 

  • Creating inspiring stories to express YAPAK’s goals. 

  • Providing guidance in personality and leadership building, applying Filipino values. 


The YAPAK team will be divided into 3 groups representing the 3 major islands and national symbol of the Philippines.

  1. Team Luzon 

  2. Team Visayas 

  3. Team Mindanao

  4. Team Anahaw

  5. Team Sampaguita

*each team, consists of 5 members/walkers*


The Campaign will begin on 1st February and will finish on APRIL 22, 2021 (EARTH DAY)


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